Claiming your Stargaze Airdrop with your Ledger


Original Instructions

Getting starsd

a) Download the Pre-Built starsd binary for linux or MacOS (AMD64 or ARM)

b) Pull the stargaze repository and build the application yourself (linux, MacOS or Windows)

→ go version
go version go1.17.6 darwin/amd64
# Clone the stargaze github repositorygit clone Change directory into the stargaze repocd stargaze# Let's change to the recent branchgit checkout v1.1.2# Build starsdmake build
cd bin./starsd version

Adding a “wallet” for your Ledger

# Add a new "key" pointing to the ledger.  Change <keyname> to anything you want.  ./starsd keys add <keyname> --ledger# Your ledger should show your stars address.  Hit the RIGHT button to get to "OK", then click both buttons to Accept
# You should see an output similar to this:
→ ./starsd keys add ledger --ledger- name: ledger
type: ledger
address: stars1<address>
pubkey: '{"@type":"/cosmos.crypto.secp256k1.PubKey","key":"A/SdrVJ3zKAbxv6j8/IxPU2cxll334zxhY/Jfa2FAqzC"}'
mnemonic: ""

Claiming the Airdrop

# Stargaze claim command
./starsd tx claim initial-claim --from <keyname> --ledger --chain-id=stargaze-1 --sign-mode amino-json --node --gas-prices 0ustars
tx = Create a transaction
claim initial-claim = a tendermint command to define the transaction type
--from = from what key? Use the same <keyname> you used above!
--ledger = informs starsd that this is a ledger signed transaction
--chain-id = the mainnet chain-id for stargaze, which is stargaze-1
--sign-mode = Ledger requires a slightly different signing mode
--node = Where to send this transaction for processing, we'll use this official API source
--gas-prices = Forcing 0 gas, wheeeee!




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